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The first Australian movie made in the USA since crocodile Dundee

"Richard Wilken's is an Australian cattle farmer who moves to Hollywood to chase his unlikely dream of becoming an actor. Along this impossible journey we enter into the heart of Hollywood like never before as Richard helplessly pursues his dreams and moonlights with an unusual job.

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Our Story

                                                                                                 Director Statement

I want to thank the Academy is about chasing your dreams and never giving up on them. This film is in honor to the crazy acting game and a throw back for all of the struggling actors, it is made in honor of them and based on some of my acting experiences. Ultimately I hope this movie will inspire, uplift and motivate people of all walks to continue their crazy God given dreams. 

For the last two years I have produced, directed and acted in this movie “I Want To Thank The Academy”, which I feel ultimately showcases the ambitious pursuit of dreamers all over the world who flock to Hollywood in search of their dreams. It has has been an audacious and exciting movie to make accompanied by an amazing cast and crew of people from all over the world, in our cast is over ten immigrants who have moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dream and we represent almost all of the major ethnic populations around the world with our talented and gifted artists and crew, and as a collective we represent what the Hollywood dream is about.

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Meet The Cast

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And many more!
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